According to CleintoClarify.AI analysis, when combined, key clinical health AI applications can potentially create $150 billion in annual savings for the Indian healthcare economy by 2026


AI in HealthCare

AI in health represents a collection of multiple technologies enabling machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn, so they can perform administrative and clinical healthcare functions in ClientoClarify.AI.


HealthCare Services

We are providing wide varieties of Services in Healthcare and Hospitality to reduce the efforts front-line medical departments.

Clinical Decisions

Deep Leanring holds the ability to store and process large sets of data, which can provide knowledge databases and facilitate examination and recommendation individually for each patient, thus helping to enhance clinical decision support.

Precision Dosage

Precision medicine uses techniques such as molecular diagnostics (which includes genetic testing), molecular imaging, and molecular dynamics to diagnose disease and tailor treatments to the individual. With precision medicine, clinicians use genomic analytics alongside other patient data to customize care.

Automated Image Diagnosis

From reducing the compute time needed to generate images from CT scans to performing real-time inference on endoscopic cameras, AI is streamlining workflows and enhancing care.Every daya data is Generating with differetn forms X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) imaging, and ultrasounds generate about 600 million scans a year

Digital health

we are making every health update each patient with live data and live monitoring system are implementing innovative digital health strategies to fundamentally change the consumer experience we can magnify care reach by integrating health data across ai platforms to each and every person.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics can help health systems understand trends, anticipate when and where care will be needed, and improve their population health strategies.Ai in medicine, pharmaceutical research, and other areas of healthcare can help improve patient care as well as overall population health.

Lab Automation

Computer vision and other types of AI are enabling both speed and accuracy in lab automation. to build speed nerve detection and improve lab workflows of Predication and classification of Lab Data Patients can receive their diagnoses fast and new drugs can be tested quickly, leading to breakthroughs in pharmaceutical development.


HealthCare Applications

ClientoClarify.AI. has built applications on HealthCare sector as shown below to ease in the efforts to find the exact medical condition of the patients.


Covid- 19 Detection and Clasification

We built Covid-19 Detection and preprocessing stages of the datasets performed in this study include dataset balancing, medical experts image analysis, and data augmentation, feature extraction, feature Norminization in deep learning


Medical Diagnosis

Medical imaging and diagnosis powered by Deep earning and Computer Vision, help of Neural Networks and Deep learning models, Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the image diagnosis field in medicine. It has taken over the complex analysis of MRI scans and made it a simpler process.


Early Detection

We are Predication of early medical conditions humens such as heart attacks. Many AI-based wearable health trackers have been developed to monitor the health of a person and display warnings when the device collects something unusual or unlikely


Breast cancer detection

In the World Breast cancer data experience, many wait days or weekly before a radiologist can review their scan and provide initial screening results. Between 20 and 35 percent of women must return for a second visit and undergo more scans before receiving a final diagnostic assessment. We built this for detection of cancer cells in milk duck.