Innovation that connects to logidtics and transportation to track and analysis with the help of ai technology are rapidly transforming the transportation and logistics sector.


AI in Logistics

Logistics and Transportation Management is a field that needs analysis and precision. It controls the delivery of goods or materials from suppliers to customers. It is the responsibility of logistics professionals to focus on transportation, basically, the procurement and planning of transportation for goods and materials.


Logistics Services

AI in Logistics and Transportation Services use to track and realtime view of continents faced financial hurdles caused by the delays in transporting ore, among other inefficiencies.

Analytics Equipment Utilization

The massive transportation equipment used by this company and the complex operations involved in the process were difficult to track in real time. To avoid further interruptions and to reduce the financial loss caused by the delay, the company asked Cognizant for help.

Operational Efficiency

We are building Operational Efficiency on cost effective approach to historical activity data with consumer profiles,delay, financial, economic indicators, and geolocalized market data,logistics and transportation providers are able to predict demand with increasing accuracy.

Transforming Predictive Maintenance with AI

We are Build When it comes to AI + predictive maintenance, manufacturing and many other sectors have a lot to gain. Rather than correcting problems once they occur, predictive maintenance prevents problems from ever happening in the first place.

Anomaly Detection

AI-Data Driven Business cross industries and anomaly detection use cases, there is perhaps no other data science strategy more important to leverage than anomaly detection in logidtics and transportation,Automation and anomaly detection are at the forefront.

Dynamic Pricing

The plethora of factors that impact logistical efficiency also impact end-product pricing. A change in one computational ingredient (e.g., increased fuel cost, security-related shipment delay) can have a profound impact on the overall shipping cost and, consequently, the product price.

Traffic Management

These AI-based systems are not only useful for private transportation, but public transportation as well. This level of understanding, coupled with data from other sources (e.g., satellite, GPS, cellular phones), provides useful information to render transportation more efficient overall.


Logistics Applications


Analytics for logistics

Our solution accepts a vast range of inputs and produces supply chain metrics aimed at helping business users plan their logistics operations more effectively. We specialize in digital solutions that help providers meet the high expectations for transparency that customers demand from their logistics partners.


Outbound Logistics

Outbound Logistics uses digital technologies to help turn your outbound logistics strategy into competitive advantage. Leverage our consulting expertise and modeling to automate processes, monitor your deliveries in real time and exceed performance targets.


Pickup and delivery process visibility

To manage on-time performance and improve customer service. Our services include real-time visibility into pickup and delivery of cargo. We built a Packup and deliveries analysis based on the reasons to have an AI-powered Logistics System.


Automated Warehousing

Automated warehousing system is another essential aspect that makes use of AI. Companies are leveraging warehouse robots to enhance the supply chain management of a business. A well-known example of applying warehouse robotics is in Amazon, which works with 2L robots across 175 fulfillment centers.