Data Science Applications

ClientoClarify.AI is Building Data Driven Solution from different industry and different Problem in the real world, such as Fraud and Risk Detection, Healthcare, Internet Search, Targeted Advertising, Website Recommendations, Advanced Image Recognition, Speech Recognition, Airline Route Planning.

Customer churn

Identifying potential churners by building predictions based on customers’ behavior. A real-time Data driven solution with a single customer view, integrated processing, payment, and accounting across all utilities including electric, gas, LPG, water, council/municipal rates, and land taxes.

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Utility Management

Enhanced Service offering and the ability for the Global Facilities Management Company to engage in new customer acquisition opportunities through the provision of next-generation Utility Bill Management capability.

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Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance refers to the use of data-driven, proactive maintenance methods that are designed to analyze the state of equipment and help predict when service should be performed. Monitoring machinery, identifying and reporting on patterns leading to pre-failure and failure states.

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Data Science Services

Data science services include data science consulting, development and Tech support, to enable companies to run experiments on their data driven in search of business insights. ClientoClarify.AI has been applying data science in its different forms ranging from statistics to Data (including its most recent technique – deep learning) to meet the most deliberate analytics needs of our clients

Automatic speech recognition

Large-scale automatic speech recognition is the first and most convincing successful case of deep learning.

Image recognition

Deep learning-based image recognition has become "superhuman", producing more accurate results than human contestants.

Visual art processing

Neural networks have been used for implementing language models. we improve machine translation and language modeling

Natural language processing

We Build Data Driven with our Intellectual things is a key aspect for economic development in AI. negative sampling and word embedding

Drug discovery and toxicology

A large percentage of candidate drugs fail to win regulatory approval. These failures are caused by insufficient efficacy (on-target effect).

Customer relationship management

Deep RL has been used to approximate the value of possible direct marketing actions, defined in terms of RFM variables

Recommendation systems

Recommendation systems have used deep learning to extract meaningful features for a latent factor model for content-based music and journal recommendations

Mobile advertising

Finding the appropriate mobile audience for mobile advertising is always challenging, since many data points must be considered and analyzed before a target.


An autoencoder ANN was used in bioinformatics, to predict gene ontology annotations and gene-function relationships with electronic health record data.

Image restoration

Deep learning has been successfully applied to inverse problems such as denoising, super-resolution, inpainting, and film colorization, Effective Image Restoration

Financial fraud detection

Financial fraud detection by using Deep learning is being successfully applied to financial fraud detection, tax evasion detection,and anti-money laundering.


Defense applied deep learning to train robots in new tasks through observation the enivorement realistic simulators contributes to the acceleration of research


Data Science Tools

The ClientoClarify.AI network of partners includes business software providers, niche technology developers, and platform and IT infrastructure vendors.